About Us

Our story

When Bryan and his wife had their first son, they were surprised at how hard it was to find simple, yet stylish clothes for boys. Soon they learned that this was something boymoms everywhere struggle with. When Bryan and Brandina did find some cool outfits for their son, friends would always compliment him on his style, often wishing his little outfit came in their size too. A lightbulb went off, and Bryan called his longtime (and also fashion-forward) friend, Zach Aaronson, with an idea — totBoxx.

The brand

We’re not a cutesy wootsy clothes type of company – you won’t find cartoons on our clothes, your boys have enough character. At totBoxx, we source hip, trendy, stylish clothes for your boys that you’ll wish you could wear too. Sometimes it’s street, sometimes it’s surf, sometimes it’s preppy, vintage, or even hipster.

We feature smaller, independent labels run by and handmade by fellow moms and dads, plus some mainstream labels as well.

The founders

Bryan and Zach first met as freshmen at The University of Arizona in 2000. Four years of college, several cities, career changes, some gray hairs and wrinkles, weddings, and two amazing children later, we found ourselves [here] looking at an opportunity to help parents find unique, high-quality, stylish clothing for their little boys.

Bryan and Zach have lived in some of the most inspirational fashion hubs in the world, including New York, London, Aspen, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego and Manhattan Beach. These cities have not only inspired their style, but have also given them the opportunity to build relationships with some of the most hip, but often lesser-known labels in the clothing industry.

Bryan now lives on the Northern California coast with his wife and their two young boys.

Zach lives in Manhattan Beach, California with his wife Jess, and their young son.